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The Work of Faith … in Trump and Tucker

My mother emailed a recipe for an easy summer pasta. My partner and I love pasta, as does everyone—we can all unite and join hands and love one another in our collective love of pasta. Even those who live in fear of carbs love pasta. But my partner is not home. She is in Pennsylvania, attempting to convince her mom to continue to live. The doctors only partially succeeded, so my partner, the oldest daughter, took it upon herself to help drag her mom from death’s door. So the pasta will have to wait. She is the oldest daughter, the oldest living sibling, but not the oldest child of her mother’s. My partner’s brother was killed by two police officers in Inglewood a year and a half ago. My partner’s mother has, it seems, attempted to give up. The ripple effect of her son being shot in the head by the police officer who, seconds before, was shot by or did shoot the other officer involved in the incident, could be partially at fault in her “at wits end” state. The trigger that leads to a lifetime of triggers.

Did you know that hairdressers are required to do more training than police officers in most states? Did you know that a vast majority of the calls to which the police are dispatched are non-violent? During the Republican National Convention of Hate and Idiocy, a white woman spoke about how stupid it would be to defund the police because, she said, who is going to help you when you have a gun held to your head? Another spoke of city streets filled with heroin needles. Another told her white American female counterparts that the enemy is coming for the suburbs, coming to destroy them, to abolish their protected way of life. And so the police in Kenosha shot a black man seven times in the back. And a white teenage terrorist killed two peaceful protestors with an assault rifle in choral response. And Tucker Carlson told his followers, his minions of hate, that he understood the kid, the child with a rifle, the white domestic terrorist — the true face of mass murder — because in this great country of Tucker’s who else will protect the cities if not “patriots” like the white teenage terrorist? So Trump toured the damage to Kenosha’s property, ambled amongst the rubble, refusing to condemn the white teenage terrorist’s actions. Instead, he compared police shootings to missing a putt, a comment even the debased interviewer warned him against making (not that she thought he was wrong, just that it would look bad).

And Tucker Carlson, home alone twiddling his tiny dick with his fingers, watching himself scream lies to white Americans on six screens nailed to the wall of his living room, replaying his latest ambush of untruth, as he does nightly, praised his almighty, Jewish, brown-skinned God for another Trump masterclass in empathy, morality, and leadership. My partner’s mother is temporarily incapable of making sound decisions, there is something clinically askew in her brain, and yet, she is able to show more compassion and empathy to those around her than the grotesque slur of a human that the Republican Party has sold their souls to. The anti-Jesus they’ve bowed down to, because fuck all else.

So the easy summer pasta awaits my partner’s return. And the White Evangelical Christians of America lie in wait until November where they will, once again, show the world their true selves. What was it that the brown-skinned Jewish man said about faith and works? It’s been so long since I read the Bible, sat in a segregated church and listened to a white man preach on the brown-skinned Jewish man’s word, but if I recall correctly it goes something like: “… without works, your faith is dead.” This November, your faith in a loving God will be evidenced by voting the poster boy of hate and white power out of office. The Bible that Trump wields like a magic amulet is a big fan of repenting, as it turns out. Now’s a good time to start.

Writer & Creative Professional living in Los Angeles.

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Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Writer & Creative Professional living in Los Angeles.

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